MediterráneaJS - a two-day not-for-profit conference about JavaScript and digital technology. Organised by BarcelonaJS for the community.


June 22 + 23, 2015

Plaça Comercial, 12 08003

Kuba Waliński

Kuba Walinski

Aurelia - the JavaScript framework of the future

With the adoption of ES6 fast approaching and even more ambitious plans for JavaScript as we move forward (thanks to the exciting new features in ES7 and beyond), it seems to be a good time to evaluate the tools that we use for our front-end development. Aurelia - a new framework from Rob Eisenberg, the creator of Durandal and a former core team member of the Angular team, shows us a glimpse of the future. A future where our framework is forward thinking (using ES6 and ES7 language features), ready to cooperate with Web Components and manages to seamlessly integrate into our development workflow. Come and see the future. It’s happening now!

Why do you think people should love this talk?

They will get a feel for the most exciting new JavaScript framework. I will be sharing my experiences from using Aurelia on real projects.


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