MediterráneaJS - a two-day not-for-profit conference about JavaScript and digital technology. Organised by BarcelonaJS for the community.


June 22 + 23, 2015

Plaça Comercial, 12 08003

Verena Brodbeck

Verena Brodbeck

Former physician and neuroscientist, discovered late in life that web programming is the hidden professional dream designation. After carreer switch 2 years ago, now happily employed frontend developer and JS apprentice. Also music lover and wanna be chef - in a next life.

Love at first language

Experienced multilingual programmers seem to have a hard time with some of JS's concepts. For a beginner, new to any programming, it might be that exactely that allows for a special love story with JS. Using scope as an example my talk will be about a late entrance to the world of programming, a love story by itself, and how the beginner’s angle is different if not an advantage to learn basic concepts of JS.



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